The Clinic

Divine Touch Massage & Bodywork is a clinic that provides treatments for all forms of soft tissue dysfunction. We are not a spa or salon, we only provide Massage & Bodywork services. Our Licensed Practitioners utilize various modalities that are tested and proven to be effective. Our treatments are customized to meet each client’s needs with focused emphasis on correcting the underlying issue not just the symptom. If you’re not in need of methodical therapeutic work, but looking for regular routine maintenance or just want a relaxing massage, we can easily accommodate your needs. Please clearly communicate to your therapist at the time of your appointment your expectations; the therapist will acknowledge your needs and provide you with a treatment to the best of their ability to meet your requirements.   

Our Philosophy


Divine Touch Massage & Bodywork was fashioned to serve the community by filling the absents of skilled licensed Therapist that understand how to treat the plethora of muscle and connective tissue conditions.  Our practitioners believe that the learning and discovery process should be continual in order to truly master every discipline, that’s why inhouse circulation of knowledge and peer consulting is at the forefront in maintaining the highest skill set in the industry. The fostering of a supporting Team is the core of our clinic.

We believe that people should be able manage their wellbeing, we understand that we all have, from time to time, gone without the much-needed therapy that our bodies need, sometimes due to time constraints (not enough hours in a day), but more often than not its due to overinflated cost that has affected all of healthcare. We understand that we live in a time of tight budgets and there are those on a fixed income. To challenge this; we innovatively improved and streamlined our internal overhead structure so we can provide everyone the opportunity to receive treatments. We call this model of service “Accessibility through Affordability”.